Speaking Tours
Every year, the Euro-Atlantic center goes on a tour around Slovak secondary schools and universities in order to bring forward important topics to a wider and young audience
Security Challenges 2016
Presenting global security challenges
SK PRES 2015
Providing closer look at the Slovak presidency of the Council of the European Union
This is NATO 2014
Role of the Slovakia in the Euro-atlantic institutions

Security Challanges 2016

It is in the interest of the Slovak Republic, as a member of NATO and the European Union, to address issues of security and cooperation. We are constantly facing new and emerging security threats that need to be brought to the attention of the wider public. The Speaking Tours: Security challenges project was a series of lectures, which took place at the secondary schools and universities based in Slovakia and consisted of 6 events in total. Lecture topics reflected current challenges that resonated in the Euro-Atlantic security area. The primary objective of Speaking Tours: Security challenges was to address global security challenges and activities of NATO, EU and the Slovak republic in this field to the target group. The ambition of the project was to create a platform for students to express their views on various topics, which are related to the basic questions of our national security. The partial objective of the project was not only a presentation of opportunities for young people to participate in the field of security and international relations, but also a realization of an online public opinion poll, which focused on the perception of public activities of NATO, EU and Slovakia in the field of security.

13.10. Road of the Slovak republic to NATO and beyond Jaroslav Ušiak Zvolen
27.10. Fight against propaganda Jaroslav Naď Michalovce
3.11. Slovak military missions abroad Daniel Zmeko Námestovo
10.11. Security challenges of the Slovak republic Dušan Fischer Topoľčany
11.11. Influence of disinformation on the Slovak republic and Europe Milan Šuplata Prešov
25.11. Armed Forces of the Slovak republic: purpose, challenges and state security Peter Gajdoš Sučany

SK Pres 2016


SK PRES 2016 was unique project organized at universities and secondary schools all around the Slovak republic. In 2016 our country assumed Presidency of the Council of the European Union after the Netherlands. Even though we have been the member of the European Union for one decade already, young people do not show adequate interest in the European issues which is mainly caused by the insufficient knowledge about all of its processes and benefits. Considering our country´s tendency towards deeper integration, this situation is undesirable. This project was our response to this dire situation. Throughout 12 events, we wanted to raise students´ interest in EU-related topics, as well as to present the challenges and roles that arise in front of us as a member. Among our partial goals, we counted the presentation of opportunities for students to participate in the process of preparation and realization of SK PRES 2016 as well as the realization of an online opinion survey focusing on the perception of individual policies and activities of the EU and Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the pupils. Students were involved in two ways, both as listeners in open lectures and as active participants in workshops where they had the possibility to obtain new knowledge.

This is NATO

Unique project organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations UMB and with the financial support of NATO PDD on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Slovak Republic’s affiliation to NATO. The project´s ambition was to present the importance of mutual cooperation and the role of Slovakia in Euro-Atlantic structures through the innovative and interactive events. The main theme was to define 10 years of work of our country in NATO and at the same time, point to the change of it’ s position from a new member to an adapted and respected partner of the Alliance. Symbolically consisted of 10 events, the project took place at Slovak universities and secondary schools in the form of workshops, informal discussions and even simulation of the NATO summit. The theme of each event was especially adjusted to the field of study of the given school and corresponded to current challenges and activities of NATO. The main objective was not only to offer students the opportunity to discuss with experts who were directly operating in the studied area but also to motivate them to take active participation, acquiring not only theoretical knowledge but practical experience as well, through interactive competitions, the process of negotiation, public performances and a simulation of NATO representatives´ negotiation. Outputs from individual events are supposed to help by forming opinions and offering alternatives within the new challenges and priorities of the Slovak Republic’s work in NATO in the future.